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Broadband Internet Information

Comcast is bringing their Xfinity product to town. As of early February 2019 about 40 necessary utility pole replacements are being installed and Comcast will begin to roll out service as this make-ready activity progresses. Residents on Carrington Road have been contacted about signing up and there is an informational session on February 4th at 6PM at town hall. The Xfinity product has multiple services with many options and choices. No one is obligated to sign up with Comcast and if you do sign up it will be similar to other services you subscribe to and pay for. The town has been involved in a state-sponsored process to bring broadband internet to unserved towns and the state has funded the initial build out of the system with no local tax money involved. To help you make an informed choice here is some information from the Federal Communications Commission:

Other things to consider:

  • Comcast Xfinity requires a cable modem. You can rent a combination modem/WiFi router from Comcast or purchase a Comcast-compatible modem on your own and supply your own networking gear such as a WiFi router. The model of Comcast compatible modem varies depending on the plan (such as whether you are ordering phone service). See Comcast website for information on plans, renting a modem/WiFi router and compatible modems.
  • Unlike Verizon land lines, Comcast phone service does not work at all during a power outage unless you have a battery. If this is important to you, then find out whether the battery is included and what it costs to replace. 
  • The speed Comcast advertises is for download only. Upload speed is typically limited to 5 Mbps on many Xfinity plans. If upload speed is important to you be sure to inquire about upload speed for any plan you are considering.
  • According to FCC statistics, Comcast has historically been good at delivering advertised speeds. 

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