On April’s Mountain Breeze Article on Verizon Fiber

The last page of the April 2016 Mountain Breeze has a state-issued advisory about Verizon’s copper to fiber conversion and how consumers can protect their right to basic telephone service after the conversion takes place. The document does not state where or when a conversion could take place but implies that a conversion to fiber based on good business practice by Verizon is coming up. The committee was surprised by this and we contacted Verizon, Mass Broadband Institute (MBI) and the Department of Telecommunications and Cable (DTC) and learned the following:

  • The notice was sent out to all Councils on Aging statewide (351 towns and cities)
  • Only 14 copper to fiber to copper conversions have been done or are planned
  • No copper to fiber conversions are planned for Western Mass
  • Specifically, Verizon has no plans to convert Montgomery from copper to fiber